Our Story

JEES Clothing is inspired by the little details of life that we love.
I believe in the magic of handmade embroidery and how can we express thoughts and ideas to have and appreciate for long time. 
My name is Jaymara, and i'm the artist behind JEES Clothing, who was stablished on 2018. The name of JEES saves a really special meaning of family union since they are the initials of all my family members. 
I learned the basics of embroidery when I was 9, never thought that I could do something that I love and enjoy and call it my actual full time job.
I kept learning through practice and practice and continuously learning. 
We adventure, experience and studied with different materials and techniques to bring you the best quality of my work. 
Everything I create is with the intention of saving your thoughts and ideas in a wearable way.